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In the Press

Our research often captures the imagination and attention of the general public. Here are a few links to stories about our research in the public media.

Documentary (in French) on our Contributions to CHIME

Press Articles covering CHIME First Light

  • https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-09/cifa-cnc090717.php 
  • https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/technology/science/chime-telescope-dark-energy/article36183652/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&
  • http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/chime-telescope-unveiled-1.4278807
  • http://www.newswise.com/articles/wvu-professor-plays-key-role-in-telescope-program-that-will-map-the-history-of-the-universe
  • CHIME on CBC's The National

CHIME Outreach Videos Released

Introduction to CHIME
Cosmology with CHIME
Fast Radio Bursts with CHIME

Event hosted by Jay Ingram and organized by CIfAR, "Untangling the Cosmos: How Research is Changing Our Understanding of the Universe"

  • Presentation by Matt Dobbs at a CIfAR hosted public event in Toronto, May 2017, on novel telescope technology.
  • Vimeo Link 
  • The artwork that forms the background for this video is by the talented Isabelle Viarouge. The production/editing of the artwork is by Rebecca Lin and Isabelle Rouge.

Press Releases for Tech-companies providing Components for CHIME

CIfAR Reach Article on CHIME

"Canada CHIMEs In",  an accessible introduction to CHIME, written by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research:  

Feature Article in the Xilinx XCELL Journal 89 Focusing on our FPGA Correlator Technology for CHIME

Feature Article in the XCELL Journal 88 Focusing on our Readout Technology Applied to the Search for Inflationary Gravity Waves

  1. Article written by Steve Leibson, Page 18: http://issuu.com/xcelljournal/docs/xcell_journal_issue_88 

McGill Technology Developed for the CHIME Project is Featured in the Xilinx Daily Blog

Interview with IEEE Spectrum

Matt's TEDx talk for Youth in Montreal is Available on Youtube

YouTube Video

TEDx talk presented at Montreal's youth conference by Matt Dobbs, November 2013. 
"Mankind has been looking up at the cosmos throughout history, asking big questions such as, "what is our place in the universe, ... how did it begin?" Today, astronomers and scientists have been addressing questions such as these through adventurous exploits that are yielding big answers. In this talk we'll journey to Antarctica where the South Pole Telescope was built to answer questions about the origin, fate, and composition of the universe."

Physics World Lists the South Pole Telescope measurement of B-mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background as a top-ten breakthrough in 2013

Interview with Matt Dobbs on the Starspot podcast

  • Matt Dobbs is interviewed on the Starspot podcast with Justin Trottier, published Nov 3, 2013. The interview discusses dark energy, galaxy clusters, and the South Pole Telescope.

TV Documentary (in French) on our use of The South Pole Telescope and CHIME to probe Dark Energy

Press Coverage for CHIME CFI Announcement / Pathfinder Ground Breaking

  • The Globe and Mail, January 27, 2013 (link, pdf)

  • Macleans Magazine, January 25, 2013 (link, pdf

McGill Reporter Article

Video Features the South Pole Telescope 

  • McGill Postdoctoral Researcher Keith Vanderlinde is featured in short documentary by the American Museum of Natural History about the South Pole Telescope.   (YouTube link)

Sept 2012 Teaching Featured

Matt's teaching is featured on McGill's Teaching and Learning website.

Jan 2012 EBEX Featured in Wired Magazine Video short

Nov 2010 Canada Research Chair Renewed

  • Tony Clement, Federal Industry Minister, announced Nov. 24, 2010 the renewal of Dobbs' T2 Canada Research Chair for a second 5 year term Press Release

Sept 2010 Our EBEX Stratospheric Balloon project is featured on Quebec TV

A TV documentary (in French) on our project to search for inflationary gravity waves with EBEX Le Code Chastenay (Quebec TV).

May 2010 Keith's Winter-over Experience and the South Pole Telescope featured in the Gazette

April 2010 The South Pole Telescope is featured in Smithsonian Magazine

Mar 2010 EBEX Featured in Quebec Science Magazine


Mar 2010 Federal Member of Parliament Visits Energy and the Environment Class

Feb 2010 Dobbs Featured in Reporter Article about Sloan Fellowship

2009 Matt Dobbs' Public Lecture on the Birth of the Universe broadcast on Canal Savoir TV

April 8, 2009 EBEX is featured on CBC Radio show "Home Run"

Matt Dobbs was interviewed by host Bernard St-Laurent about the upcoming flight of the EBEX mm-wavelength telescope aboard a NASA stratospheric balloon.

March 2009 The South Pole Telescope is featured on the Cover of the CERN courier


Sept 2008 Article in McGill Reporter Article on Keith Vanderlinde's View of the South Pole


May 2008 Article in the Toronto Star covering the national Canadian astronomy conference and highlighting the South Pole Telescope

March 2008 Article in New York Times on the South Pole Telescope

June 2007 Article In Quebec Science Magazine

  • The cover story for the June issue of Quebec Science "Enquête sur la face cachée de l'Univers" describes Dark Energy (in french). It included an interview with Dobbs and photos of the South Pole Telescope.

               2007-06_QuebecScience-SPT_Page_1.png 2007-06_QuebecScience-SPT_Page_5.png

March 16, 2007 Coverage in Science Magazine

  • Science News, "For Extreme Astronomy, Head Due South", Science, Vol 316, p. 1523, March 2007 (Download PDF).

March 12, 2007 Canada AM News

Feb 26, 2007 NSF Press Release for the South Pole Telescope First Light

February 26, 2007, Landmark Completion of South Pole Telescope. Scientific Frontline

Feb 2007 Canadian Media for the South Pole Telescope

Spring 2006, McGill in-Focus Science Edition Magazine focuses on Astrophysics

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